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The semi-scale jet from AeroFoam is a hard foam jet designed specifically for turbine operation. Due to the light weight, the flight characteristics are ingenious, whether slow landings to fast passages are no problem with this plane in combination with a small 6kg thrust turbine. The jet is designed as a PNP model, so that all essential components are pre-assembled. Only the final assembly with the installation of the receiver unit and the turbine can be carried out quickly, so that the jet is ready to fly in no time.


Wingspan 1600mm (63 in)
Length 1600mm (63 in)
Flying Weight(Included 6kg turbine engine & 1350ml fuel) Approx. 8000g (17.6 lb)
Servo 7x 25g & 3x 12g
Retract System Servoless metal retracts
Main Fuel Tank 1350cc (1.35 liter)
Header Fuel Tank 120cc (0.12 liter)
Recommended Turbine Engine 6~8kg (13.2~17.6 lb)



  • 6~8kg (13.2~17.6 lb) turbine engine (not included)
  • Minimum 8 channel transmitter and receiver (not included)
  • 2x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po battery for the receiver (not included)
  • 1x 3S 2000~2600mAh Li-Po battery for turbine engine ECU (not included)
  • Battery balance charger and power supply (not included)
  • Engine gasoline/diesel/kerosene fuel (not included)


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