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Mirage 2000 Foam Blue Camo PNP with Turbine and Vector Combo

R54 110.00 R51 404.00

For the Combo, you will receive the SW60 turbine separately to fit

This is the full house version!

Some YouTube Videos on this product:

Click here to see a YouTube video of the product without colour.

Here you can see the Tiger Mirage taking the skies.


Wingspan:   1225mm

Length:    1959mm

Flying Weight:    7500g (including 1350ml fuel)

Turbine:    6-7kg

Turbine: Ace60 6kg or similar

Servos:(Metal shell digital servos): 12g x 4 /  25g x 1  / 40g x 2pcs

Battery Rx: 3S/2000~2600mAh x 2

Battery(engine): 3S/2000~2600mAh x 1



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